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A fascinating insight into the highs (and lows!) of the Dubreq company, with the direct help and input from the original manufacturer and Dubreq’s founder & MD, Mr. Burt Coleman.
Stylophone inventor Brian Jarvis inspecting a production model.
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After more than 20 years, we think it’s about time for a makeover!. We’re all beginning to creak at the edges a little, and our current website is now looking as old as the instruments themselves. We will be ‘on hold’ for a very short while, but it’s time for a change, and we can’t wait to get started. Here are just some of things coming your way…
The COMPLETE HISTORY of the stylophone from its’ birth at a film dubbing/recording company, right through the Dubreq years and beyond. (We’ll be including some of our own history also, as we’ve now been involved with these instruments even longer than the original company!)

Invented by Brian Jarvis at the MOVIECOL

company in London, a brand new British

musical instrument called a ‘stylophone’ was

shown to the press in 1967.

1968 would eventually see the manufacture

and launch of this instrument through a new

company… ‘Dubreq’.

Plus: photos, tear-downs, sound samples, comparisons, advertising memorabilia etc. One simple aim… to list ALL the stylophones we can find (and we have many here already!).

Basically, if they fit the dictionary definition of a

stylophone instrument, you’re likely to find it here.

Please bear with us while we do this… there’s an absolute MOUNTAIN of stuff to go through and be uploaded. It will be an ongoing project with something ‘new’ added between your visits, but I know we will enjoy doing it, hopefully as much as you will enjoy reading about it. Check back soon, you’ll know we’re under way when the links go ‘live’.
The full story of this little instrument is fascinating,
For enquiries and information on ALL PRODUCTS bearing the logos of the new Dubreq company as above, please visit: www.dubreq.com
IMPORTANT NOTE: all history / information shown on this website relating to the original Dubreq company and their products bear the logo designs as shown below…
For our visitors from the USA, we will be showing the differences between the stylophone models from Dubreq and those from the American Stylophone Company of Chicago.
Original or not? A common question we have to answer far too often from collectors who have obtained a stylophone from other sources and aren’t quite sure, or are confused by sellers adverts. A few simple checks will confirm the age / vintage credentials of your stylophone instrument.

Variations on the

initial concept

Here you will find a wonderful selection of the MANY stylophones from around the world that hit the stores in the following years. Some good, some not so good!
O.E.D.: (noun) 'a miniature electronic musical instrument producing a distinctive buzzing sound when a stylus is drawn along its metal keyboard'. Welcome to the crazy world of stylophone instruments!!
The beginning…
a spark of an idea that would lead to a completely new way of playing notes on a ‘keyboard’, and lead to stylophones being manufactured right around the world.
Burt Coleman - MD of Moviecol presents the new ‘stylophone instrument’ to the press.