and here it is... seen again for the first time in 40 years...
the Original Prototype Stylophone that started it all!

As founder of Dubreq, Burt Coleman was of course there from the very start, and was the last to leave when the company ceased for good in 1980. Those intervening years had seen the Stylophone craze grow to astonishing levels, before finally giving way to other trends and new fads.
Had the Stylophone proved a failure, then this p-type would have been little more than a curio.

Due to the worldwide success of the Stylophone however; and the fondness by which original British-made models are remembered and sought after today; the 'p-type' is now
the most important piece in the history of the instrument.
At the time when the Stylophone finally started production in 1968, the p-type had already served its purpose. Dubreq had a lot to keep them busy, so this 1-off version would not seem to be of too much importance any more.

A simple text message from Burt Coleman
to the Stylophone Website....

'you'll never guess what I've just found'!

After more than 50 years at the same address, Burt Coleman decides to move house, and it's this decision that leads to the re-discovery of the p-type... in the loft, packed away with other items of major Stylophone-history significance!.
This then is the prototype; hand-made by Burt's Technical Director at Dubreq, Brian Jarvis. It was revealed by Burt to the press in 1967, and shown to potential buyers in the music and toy markets.  The final design would be 'tweaked' somewhat on the now-familiar production version, but this is the 'p-type' from which the Stylophone was born.

The only one of its kind, the p-type was protected wherever it went, as the loss of this one-and-only model would be devastating to a company trying to launch their new invention.

Over the coming months, an in-depth account of exactly how the Stylophone was born
will be posted to the Stylophone website!.

Burt Coleman
pictured in 1967 with the prototype

we are delighted to announce that the prototype has been presented to by Dubreq's founder, Burt Coleman.

In recognition of keeping the Stylophone name alive for many years since Dubreq's closure in 1980, and for our dedication to the history of this famous British-made icon.