Burt today with his 350S...
Dubreq's Founder and Managing Director Burt Coleman has for many years been producing something far different from the little box of electronics that was the Stylophone!.

'Trees-in-Miniature' have been producing these works of art since 1970,
and it's Burt who has created every single one.

...and at work creating another unique piece of art
an example of a 'Trees-in-Miniature' centerpiece

90 Edgware Way
020 8905 4475

Available to view and purchase from the Trees-In-Miniature Showroom at:
Used on countless film and TV sets/productions, these beautiful miniature trees also adorn the homes of thousands of people from all over the world.  They have been featured on many TV shows over the years, with Burt Coleman making numerous guest appearances to amazed audiences.
A musician all his life, his expertise with both the pocket Stylophone and 350S version is amazing.
His expertise was used to great effect at the many International Fairs where he demonstrated the instruments to potential wholesale buyers.
This inherent artistic nature would come to the fore with his production of miniature Bonsai sculptures.
Interestingly, this is something that Burt was doing throughout the glory days of the Stylophone, and continues to this today!.
These trees have to bee seen to be believed.
Each is a totally unique and hand-crafted piece, with amazing attention to detail.
'Selling Bonsai's to Japan' is probably the best seal of approval one could wish for, and this is exactly what
Burt has done, such is the quality of his work.